Our Management

DOUG JOHNSTON, Publisher - Doug Johnston brings 30 years of experience leading start-up publications to his most recent venture, The Justice Journal.

Johnston was one of the original members of the team that launched Vanity Fair magazine for Conde Nast Publications in 1981. Though one of the most visible and controversial launches of its time, Vanity Fair became one of the greatest success stories in the publishing industry. He served as publisher there for six years and was subsequently named senior vice president of Conde Nast, responsible for managing new magazine start-ups.

In 1991, Johnston formed Midway Communications to provide management consultation for communications and media firms. He has provided consulting services for a wide range of businesses including Conde Nast and Hachette Publications. He has also served on the executive teams of a number of clients including Rx Remedy, and CommerceInc, an internet business-to-business information company.

Johnston took on the role of general manager for another client, Cottages & Gardens Publications, Inc. where he facilitated the 2004 launch of Connecticut Cottages & Gardens magazine.

Johnston specializes in ventures which go against conventional thinking and compete on new frontiers. He excels at team building and the development of deliberate processes for establishing and maintaining momentum --- the greatest challenge facing any new venture in the communications industry.

TED HOLCOMB, General Manager - With 40 years of experience in the broadcast and banking industries, Holcomb has significant insight into business operation and management. A one-time owner of three Muzak franchises, Holcomb's career includes time spent at ABC Radio, Salem Communications and Union Savings Bank of Cincinnati, as well as affiliate television stations of both CBS and ABC. Holcomb has always approached his work life with an entrepreneurial spirit. The words of F. Scott Fitzgerald "If you are strong enough, there are no precedents," sum up Holcomb's irrepressible desire to reach for lofty goals, pursue excellence and make the most of every day.

Our Mission

The mission of The Justice Journal is to serve our community by improving public safety. In collaboration with the police, other law enforcement agencies, and the judicial system, The Justice Journal will inform the public about important issues of local and national security, and promote a more active involvement. We are committed to helping improve citizens' understanding of what constitutes a real threat and how to respond appropriately.

The goals of The Justice Journal include opening the lines of communication between the public and law enforcement and to alleviate commonplace fears that citizens sometimes experience when dealing with those dedicated to protecting them. In addition, we seek to help the public make informed decisions about the safety and security of their families.

A monthly publication, The Justice Journal explores topics such as identity theft, Internet scams, terrorism, street crimes and other threats to our civil liberties including controversial components of law enforcement. The Justice Journal maintains that public security can be enhanced and improved when citizens and law enforcement agencies work together. The Justice Journal, through intelligent and thoughtful debate, provides an ideal forum that encourages active participation.